What I would Tell my Freshman Self

Good morning! Yay for Friday!! This week has been a pretty easy one so I can’t say I’m super relieved Friday is here, but I sure won’t complain about it either!

grumpy cat friday


I love Grumpy Cat. Probably because she’s sarcastic and reminds me of one of my own cats who definitely has an attitude problem!

Yesterday I had no class, and it was awesome! I went to the gym around 9:00am and peddled around on the elliptical for 45 minutes. Since my 5k is tomorrow, I didn’t want anything that would cause me to be sore, but I wanted to get my heart rate up. The elliptical is perfect for that!

reasons to be fit


Before I left for the gym, I fueled up with a banana and my favorite Teddie’s chunky flaxseed peanut butter.



I <3 Teddie’s.

I also did some arm strengthening when I got back to my room. I got 8lb dumbbells for Christmas so I have no excuse not to strength train! Just doing my best to prevent osteoporosis!


After the gym, I refueled with one of my other favorite breakfasts- egg and avocado! When I’m at home, I’ll cook an egg or two sunny-side up and sandwich it on a whole wheat English muffin with avocado and American cheese. Hannaford white American cheese is my favorite ever. For those of you who have a Hannaford near you, I highly recommend trying their deli cheese!

I’m kind of a big food snob, especially when it comes to bread. I hate eating bread with funky ingredients that bread isn’t supposed to have, like high fructose corn syrup and mono-diglycerides. Heidelberg bread is one of the few breads I have seen on shelves with a completely all-natural ingredients list and things I could find in my own kitchen. In fact, I have to keep it in the refrigerator or else it will get moldy in about three days!


This morning’s sandwich was on Pumpernickel bread because the shelves were wiped CLEAN of Heidelberg on Sunday and it was the only type left!


Later in the afternoon, I soaked up some more vitamin D (less than Wednesday because I put on sunscreen) by the dock again.


And splurged on a chocolate-banana smoothie from Starbucks! I really wanted a Frappuccino, but I reminded myself that I would probably feel better drinking a smoothie made with fat-free chocolate milk, protein powder, and a banana than a super-sugary Frappuccino. Although when Frappuccino happy hour comes around in a week or two, I’ll be all over that.



So yesterday at my internship we were talking about making a video offering advice to first semester Freshman, since we are all upperclassmen. We came up with a few ideas, like don’t go shot for shot with a friend, don’t think that just because your parents aren’t there doesn’t mean you can skip class, and don’t drink the punch at fraternity houses. Then we got on the subject of things you would tell your Freshman self if you could. I came up with some things I wish I could have told myself:

  • “Stop thinking that your classes are hard right now. Someday you’ll wish you could take classes as simple as these”
  • “I know you don’t believe it, but someday you will be capable of eating an entire medium Domino’s pizza”
  • “Try dressing like less of a high-schooler”
  • “You will get that dietetic internship that you’re working so hard for!”
  • “Try stressing out a little less, because everything always worked out in the end”
  • “Your closest college friends now will still be your closest when you’re a senior”

Man, I wish I had known some of these things when I was a Freshman. Except for the Domino’s pizza thing, because I’m half ashamed (also half proud) by that fact.

freshman meme 1 freshman meme


freshman meme 2

Not going to lie, this was me


Freshman year

fake ID

PS- I didn’t have a fake ID, and I didn’t go to the bars, but I thought this was funny.


Senior year

senior year

This is definitely something I say now when I do go to the bar!


If you had the chance, what would you tell your Freshman self?

12 thoughts on “What I would Tell my Freshman Self

  1. Good luck for your 5k! Totally with you on the egg, cheese and bread combo – sadly have never tried it with avocado too but reckon that’ll be delish! That’s super funny (and embarassing!) thinking about being a ‘freshman’ (I can’t use this term with conviction as I’m British but I think I know what age group you mean :) ) – if I saw myself I would say “Don’t worry so much about being geeky, you’ll meet a lovely bunch of friends who will accept you as you are, and you will feel much more content being valued than being the most popular girl in class.”

  2. Ha! McLovin is my man! I agree with a lot of yours, such as ‘if you think your classes are harder now, watch what happens in 2 years’ or ‘don’t think you can’t eat a whole pizza’. I know I have, amazing what stress does to you :)

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